In the realm of donations for children support, Gift of Life International plays a crucial role. As a global NGO, we focus on providing cardiac care to children, operating in 80 countries across five continents. Our services encompass sustainable Pediatric Cardiac Centers, Legacy Programs, Core Programs, Nutritional Assistance, and Humanized Care. We collaborate with local healthcare professionals, offering training and support to establish enduring cardiac programs in emerging nations. Our network of 84 autonomous programs works closely with hospitals and healthcare experts, ensuring that children in need receive the essential cardiac treatment they deserve, driven by donations and support from around the world.

Our work:
-Sustainable Pediatric Cardiac Centers
-Legacy Programs
-Core Programs
-Nutritional Assistance Program
-Humanized Care

Find more about us:

-Gift Of Life International Fresh Meadows On Give ORG
Gift Of Life International Fresh Meadows On Zoom Info

Business Phone: 855-734-3278

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