Langley Recycling Inc. is your trusted partner when it comes to handling scrap metal. Our metal scrap yard in Kansas City is a bustling hub of activity, where we turn discarded metals into valuable resources. With a commitment to excellence, we've built a reputation for reliability and sustainability. Our facility is designed to accommodate a wide range of metal materials, ensuring that no piece of scrap goes to waste. Our metal scrap yard welcomes you with open arms. We offer competitive pricing, making it a lucrative option for anyone looking to responsibly dispose of their scrap metal. But our dedication to the environment goes beyond profit. At Langley Recycling Inc., we are ardent advocates for eco-friendly practices. Join us today at our metal scrap yard and experience the difference we make in recycling. Together, we can help conserve resources and protect our planet.


  • Scrap Metal Recycling
  • Scrap and Junk Cars Recycling
  • Drum Recycling
  • Wire Recycling
  • Batteries Recycling

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