In the heart of Utica, Philips Property Maintenance offers a service that can make a world of difference for your property - pressure washing in Utica. Our mission is simple: to harness the power of high-pressure water to restore the beauty and cleanliness of your exterior surfaces. Your property's walls, walkways, and driveways are constantly exposed to the elements, accumulating dirt, mold, and stains that can be hard to get rid of. That's where we come in with our specialized equipment and skilled team. We remove years of buildup, revealing the original brilliance of your property. We take our commitment to the environment seriously, using eco-friendly detergents and water-saving techniques. It's our way of ensuring that your property remains not only clean but also green. Ready to witness the transformation of your Utica property? Contact Philips Property Maintenance now and unleash the power of pressure washing in Utica. Your revitalized property is just a call away!

Address : 55 Clinton St, Whitesboro, New york, 13492, United states

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